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Story trading project – polaroids

29 Jul


During our trip we have traded stories attacked to an object. It is a way to connect some of the people we meet on our way with each other – even though they never met. The stories you will have to ask us for.  Click ‘continue reading’ to see the pictures so far.

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The recipe collection project

29 Jul


In Higher Ground Cohousing we started the ’Food Block’. One of the projects of this tour-block is to collect recipes from people we meet, interview them, and put it all together in a little cookbook.

In this post you can see and read about the different dishes and the persons who participated with a recipe. More are coming up!

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Story trading project

13 Jul


On ‘the Quarry’ Marie did a ‘storytelling’ workshop with the group in which we all presented an object with a good story, found in our backpacks. In couples we shared our stories to one another, and eventually we shared each others story with the group. The aim of the workshop was to get into storytelling, as one of our main projects during this trip is a ‘story trading project’. Continue reading