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Life in the bus – 3

10 Aug


Our trip is soon coming to an end, and it’s time for some more pics from our life on the road.

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15 boys on a bus

1 Aug


Spending the night at a deserted parking lot in front of a Wall Mart near Hood River our dear bus Carla got a new friend. The night was quiet and we were soon to go to bed as an old school bus rolled up beside us. It seemed very similar to ours except that it was over painted with big graffiti letters. Heads started to pop out of each window. One guy stepped out of the bus, then another followed and suddenly a bunch of people were greeting us. It turned out to be a big crew of old friends traveling together just like us – except that there were no girls. We compared busses and checked out each other’s features. Their bus was running on vegetable oil which we found pretty cool, but ours has the solar panel and roof top terrace.

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This is where we parked

29 Jul


1988 Vernon Dr., Vancouver, BC, Canada

We have been taking pictures from the roof of the bus, from each place that we parked overnight. Enjoy the nice view from our roof top terrace. Click ‘continue reading’ for more pictures.

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Rodeo in Shoshone

29 Jul


After a long drive through the hot and merciless Idaho dessert we finally arrived at the town Shoshone, where the rodeo was about to take place. The driver commanded us to change into our real rodeo outfit before leaving the bus. When stepping outside, the dessert dust and the sound of wild cowboy horses hit our head: We new that we had come to a true American dirty rodeo placed in a true western cowboy town. Click ‘Continue reading’ to read and see more pictures.

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Life in the bus

29 Jul


So, 3 weeks have passed like it has been only a few seconds! We are almost fully starting to get used to our life in Carla (the bus) and now we are already facing the last ten days of this trip. Take a look in our lovely home!

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Working on the bus

8 Jul


A few pictures from the first week in vancouver.

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