With the backdrop of the economic crisis, the digital revolution, individualization of society, development of extreme narcissism, self-promotion and the climate crisis, a new generation of young people is ready to investigate alternative models of living, consuming and learning in a modern society.

We, nine young ambitious women from Europe, in the prime of our lives, are stepping away from the mainstream to learn from established alternative communities in Western America, on a one-month adventure in an old American school bus. We are seeking inspiration at a time when our relationships, education and career prospects are at a crossroads. The school bus will serve as a home, lab, camera, office, and toolkit to bring different ideas and (art)projects to life. Each member of our group has proposed different projects to share a little bit of their educational background with the rest of the group (photography, medicine, music (therapy), communication, architecture, sociology, urban planning and film).
The trip in the bus will be a psychological and social experiment; the route, focus, themes and program are more or less planned, however no one knows exactly what is going to happen during the trip. ‘Chance’ will play a big part in the execution of the ideas. During the adventurous road trip we will be left to our own devices, meeting extraordinary people, traveling extreme distances through rugged nature, cut-off from the ‘known’ outside world with limited access to the internet and funds.


We want to use music and food as an approach to learn about peoples different aspects on life

We want to create a documentary film reflecting the life in community by filming the social dynamics in the bus and the meeting with other ways of living

We want to explore and challenge different perspectives on lives within the group as in the world outside the bus

We want to reach out to locals to share ideas, values, dreams, food and music

We want to transform a part of the bus into a big Pinhole Camara, so the bus itself can document where it is and what it sees.

We want to take a Polaroid foto of the people we meet on our journey and make an exhibition in the bus.


2 Responses to “Manifesto”

  1. Pamilla Bina August 4, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    Absolutely awesome and inspiring. I saw your presentation at Green Valley Spa and was so touched by your mission and the way you are carrying it out. As far as I can tell you lack only one thing, a crone, and older woman with life experience to give a little different perspective and to learn along with you. Include me in your next adventure/project!

    • 9girlsonabus August 15, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

      Thanks for the nice words Pamilla, it is good to know that you enjoyed our presentation! We also enjoyed meeting all of you and knowing more about your organisation. Would be great to do some Utah adventure with you again one day!

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