We’ Moon Land

11 Aug


After driving up mountain hairpin-swings for more than an hour we finally reached our next location. On the top of a narrow, grassy path we could see a big round house rising between curly rasberry bushes and old growing cedar trees. The place we visited is called We’Moon Land and we were just about to enter the mother-house of this small community. Click ‘continue reading’ to read more about We’ Moon Land.

Shortly, We’Moon Land is an only women community which mostly includes a cosmic and earth-based spiritual way of living. We’moon means ‘Women’ or ‘We of the moon’ and the women from We’moon define their relation to natural sources and cosmic flow. Well, back to our visit Our host for the night Alison gave us a detailed tour around the land of We’Moon which included a big green garden filled up with lettuce, berries and a bunch of different veggies. Through time the women on the land have created hidden spots and spaces for spiritual practicing and rituals. One of the rituals for example included a spiritual celebration of a young girl having her first period. We spended our evening on the land cooking a nice meal with a lot of cabbage from the green garden. After dinner the women from the We’Moon invited us to some spiritual singing under the full moon which turned out to be a special and inspiring experience You can listen to our full moon session down below! Thank you We’Moon!


_MG_8355 IMG_0104 _MG_8391 _MG_8406 _MG_8375:

Listen to (and sing along with) some of the songs we sang


Full moon song

Under the full moon light we dance

spirit dance we dance

holding hands we dance

joining souls we joy

Goddess song

We all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return, like a drop of rain, floating to the ocean


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