15 boys on a bus

1 Aug


Spending the night at a deserted parking lot in front of a Wall Mart near Hood River our dear bus Carla got a new friend. The night was quiet and we were soon to go to bed as an old school bus rolled up beside us. It seemed very similar to ours except that it was over painted with big graffiti letters. Heads started to pop out of each window. One guy stepped out of the bus, then another followed and suddenly a bunch of people were greeting us. It turned out to be a big crew of old friends traveling together just like us – except that there were no girls. We compared busses and checked out each other’s features. Their bus was running on vegetable oil which we found pretty cool, but ours has the solar panel and roof top terrace.

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The guys were all very friendly and they happened to be interested in community living just like us. Brought together by a common passion for snowboarding and skating they lived and traveled together. They shared a dream about buying a land and creating a sustainable community together (girlfriends included).

It was interesting to meet a traveling community with no girls. It seemed like their agreements and discussions were less and the food not quite as healthy, but other than that it was kind of like meeting a mirror reflecting our selves in a guys version with skateboards and dreadlocks.


We included them in our trading project and they gave us an object with great value to them that has now been traded with a dragon in Bend. They got so excited about the trading project that they wanted to continue the chain of objects and stories on their future travels.



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  1. Lotte-Livas-mor August 2, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    a wonderful story

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