Visiting The Quarry

13 Jul


Our first stop was just outside of Bellingham (WA) where we visited a small sustainable community called The Quarry. It is situated in the woods and has its name from the small lake on the property, which appeared from a former quarry.
The inhabitants in the community all live on wheels in different motor homes and share a kitchen wagon for cooking. The houses on the property are built by the inhabitants themselves and reflect their different arts- and craftsman skills. Until now they have a round wooden music rehearsal room, a greenhouse, a greenhouse-like outdoor shower and a high ceiling building for practicing performance art.

Sharing skills is an important part of living in The Quarry and is what makes all the projects happen.

When arriving to The Quarry we got a tour around the place by Heather, who is an artist living in the community. Listen to the audio recording to get a feeling of the place.













Have a look at the website of ‘The Quarry’ in Bellingham by


One Response to “Visiting The Quarry”

  1. Carmen July 29, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

    Hola Pil,
    Hace un buen rato que estoy enganchada mirando vuestro blog. Qué proyecto tan interesante y que envidia sana me dais! Disfruta y aprende cuanto puedas y a ver si montamos algo cuando vuelvas para que lo podáis compartir con más gente en la escuela.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte,

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